Its been almost 17 years when Anno 1602 hit shelves in Europe with its North American counterpart 1602 AD going to market 18 months later. This RTS City building game starts of with you and your ship in a quest to settle new lands. With its complex structure of population management and need for resources, the game gives you a feel of playing Sim City and a bit of Age of Empires.

Finding new fertile land is the first challenge which is followed by meeting the demands of your citizens such as alcohol, tobacco, food, and cloth. Running out of room on your primary island is inevitable, so establishing shipping lanes between other resource producing islands and managing that shipping logistics becomes a whole new task.

Establishing your island is only some of the struggles you encounter as occasional pirates and wars can disrupt your resource production and cause panic from your population. The need for new lands requires a little bit of violent persuasion of one of the three neighbors. This game requires a lot of micro managing so some fast paced gamer may not enjoy all the intricacies involved with 1602 AD.

This game is a tough on to find new so brake out your ebay account and see if you can find one used.


Benjamin Brownlow

Benjamin was the co-founder of Firestorm Gaming Servers which sold in 2009. Since then Benjamin has worked in various marketing and business development positions as well as various consulting positions. An avid gamer, he likes to spend some of his free time in a wide variety of games from RTS to FPS. With the help of a friend Benjamin envisioned the core of what will become the Sovereign Gaming League software. He enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Hayley who on occasion will play Star Trek Online with him.

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