About Us

Benjamin Brownlow – President: Benjamin was the co-founder of Firestorm Gaming Servers which sold in 2009. Since then Benjamin has worked in various marketing and business development positions as well as various consulting positions. An avid gamer, he likes to spend some of his free time in a wide variety of games from RTS to FPS. With the help of a friend Benjamin envisioned the core of what will become the Sovereign Gaming League software. He enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Hayley who on occasion will play Star Trek Online with him.

Paul O’Neill – Director of Programming & Development: Paul and Benjamin have been good friends for many years. Paul enjoys a few games but really enjoys playing basketball. Paul is currently studying computer science at BYU Idaho and spends his time developing the Sovereign Gaming League software.

Brady Knowles – Directory of Technology: Brady is married to a beautiful wife and currently has no kids. He currently lives in Utah, and is pursuing a degree in Information Systems in Business. His hobbies/passions include driving, spending quality Netflix time with his wife, and of course, spending unholy amounts of time playing video games. He is also active in his local Mormon church, and loves to teach the youth and go on Scouting activities. His favorite video game of all time has to be Star Wars: Republic Commando or the entire Mass Effect trilogy (excepting the ending to ME3).