Anno 2205 Review

Anno 2205 brings a new generation to the Anno series of island settling and colonization. With a new back story and futuristic setting Anno 2205 does do an excellent job with keeping the city and economic management that existed in the original games, however the islands are no longer in a single map environment. Instead it looks to have taken the approach of the Sim City in which each city would load separately.

If you are a fan of any of the other Anno series you will be very disappointed in the lack of a multiplayer. It is somewhat baffling the decision from Ubisoft to leave out such a feature that has been prevalent in all games going back to Anno 1602. However if you are one who enjoyed the single player of any of the Anno series, then you might be pleasantly surprised.

The game focuses on the core economics system of Anno with citizens that have various demands. Fufilling these demands in turn upgrades the citizen to different classes. Building and maintaining resources is very simple and easy to understand, but Anno 2205 maintains it need for puzzle solving between resources and budget.

A unique feature is the challenges in building both in the Arctic and Lunar regions. Working out how to get your citizens close enough to heats sources, or that you have enough power for your shields to protect against meteors and radiation.

Although this may not live up to its predecessors in relation to multiplayer or the ability to land troops and conquer additional territory. You may find this game a great city building and economic management game.

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