Battlefield 1942 Flashback

Many will remember the first installment of the battlefield series Battlefield 1942. Including battles from both the pacific, european, and african theaters Battlefield 1942 provided a wide variety of fun. 1942 did have a single player mode but was better known for its online multiplayer.


If you play today you may become frustrated by the hit box mechanics and the inability to customize the equipment. However when you come to the conclusion that this game was released 2002 you will remember why you loved this game.


Huge maps in which you can fight in the skies or push in the ground assault, 1942’s wide assortment of vehicles provided the most unique gameplay of its time. Now if you update your game and get it to work with your version of windows you can still find at least two well populated servers.


While playing this game you can run into skilled combat pilots who can easily drop a bomb right on top of you in a moving vehicle to destroyer captains who constantly shell your last holdout. Charging up the center with a group of friends in an armor column can give you great satisfaction.


While the base game is super fun, it doesn’t hurt to mention the some of the best mods Desert combat which inspired the modern combat game of Battlefield 2 and Forgotten Hope which expanded the large array of vehicles already available in the game.
This game is definitely one to get back into if you are having feelings of nostalgia.

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