Its been a few months since Windows 10 was announced and with its release just around the corner, gamers wonder how this will work with the games they love.

Microsoft has worked hard and promoted its cross-platform compatibility between desktop, tablet, and mobile for its apps but one of the more important features is its compatibility with Xbox One. Microsoft has demoed several examples of games that can be played on both Xbox One and PC platforms with multi-player having the capability to play between systems. With a lot of criticism involving the differences of PC and console, Its important to note the positive impact that this has for the competitive gaming realm.

Competitive gaming has thrived over the last few years with its primary source of publicity is its streams on Twitch has pushed its console versions of its streaming software but with Windows 10 cross compatibility it opens up much better quality of streaming content.  Xbox games can also be streamed from the console to your PC and saving your best moments is getting even easier with Xbox voice commands like “Xbox record that.” With many games announced and highly anticipated, it will be interesting to watch how Windows 10 will influence the gaming realm.


Benjamin Brownlow

Benjamin was the co-founder of Firestorm Gaming Servers which sold in 2009. Since then Benjamin has worked in various marketing and business development positions as well as various consulting positions. An avid gamer, he likes to spend some of his free time in a wide variety of games from RTS to FPS. With the help of a friend Benjamin envisioned the core of what will become the Sovereign Gaming League software. He enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Hayley who on occasion will play Star Trek Online with him.

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