Sins of a Solar Empire Review

Sins of a Solar Empire (Sins) is a very in-depth RTS. This review covers the main game including the Diplomacy and Entrenchment expansion packs. It has many facets to the actual gameplay, however the game modes are fairly limited. If you like single player story mode, you can just skip this review altogether. Sins has two game play options- multiplayer with AI or multiplayer without AI.

There is a brief tutorial, however this game has so many nuances that a tutorial couldn’t possibly cover them all.

Once you launch into the main game, you will find that you can select many different victory options, and can leave pirates on or off. You may want to experiment with the different game modes and speeds to find a group of settings that fits your play style.

You will then select a map. There are hundreds of built-in maps, and a thriving, massive online community of maps and games. The map that you choose will depend on the game speed that you want to experience, the number of players in the game, and the difficulty that you wish to experience. For beginners, I recommend sticking with the large and giant maps as they will give you the maximum amount of time to figure out how to play before the AI (or other players) roll over you. There is also a map editor that allows you to create a custom map and custom game.

After you go through the setup and launch the game, you find yourself looking at your capital planet. Here is where the game can go any way that you want, and as this is not a walk-through. Given the huge technology tree and the differences between the races and the factions within the races, no two games will be alike.

A couple of small quirks that I have found- If playing an online multiplayer game, I have yet to experience a saved game that loads, even when none of the variables have changed (same players, computers, network, etc.), so I again caution that you evaluate your available time before starting a game.

Overall, I give Sins of a Solar Empire a very favorable rating due to its highly complex and replayable gameplay. If you like RTS games, and especially space RTS games, this is a game that you should pick up on Steam.

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