Star Trek Online is one of the best games that stays within the feel of the iconic series. Set after the time lines of the TV shows the story of this MMO is very compelling and filled with lots of action over menial task. Any player can spend many hours going through the story line that always seems to grow.

When it comes to game mechanics, Star Trek Online is very good a capturing the essence of starship combat. With phasers and torpedoes blazing the combat becomes very fun and in some cases requires you to be very analytical in your target selection. Occasionally you have the opportunity to beam to the service and fight in a very standard style MMO interface (World of Warcaft, Star Wars: The Old Republic) but without the large open world.

If you like PVP don’t really count on this game as the PVP seems to have little to know interest among starship captains. The PVE however provides mass amounts of fun interactive content as your fleet takes on enemies of your respective factions. Some may even go as far as to say that this game has the best PVE than any other MMO.

This game is Free to Play, but if you expect to do well in the end game expect to fork out a least $25 to purchase on of the higher level ships or spend tedious hours saving up dilithium.


Benjamin Brownlow

Benjamin was the co-founder of Firestorm Gaming Servers which sold in 2009. Since then Benjamin has worked in various marketing and business development positions as well as various consulting positions. An avid gamer, he likes to spend some of his free time in a wide variety of games from RTS to FPS. With the help of a friend Benjamin envisioned the core of what will become the Sovereign Gaming League software. He enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Hayley who on occasion will play Star Trek Online with him.

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