Upcoming Dawn of War III

Recently Relic announced its sequel to the Dawn of War franchise and for those who are avid players have something to look forward to. The game is visually stunning even though they’ve moved away from photo-realism prevalent in Dawn of War II. This makes units on the battlefield to be easier to identify while maintaining a sense of high quality graphics.

Dawn of War III is expected to bring back the base building and large armies found in the original Dawn of War, while details on that are still to come we are interested to see its final result. At E3 Relic released a game play trailer which demonstrated a small bit of the campaign which sticks to tradition and follows the stories of the Blood Ravens chapter of the Space Marines.

Relic most interesting reveal is the release of super vehicles such as the Imperial knight. While the game play video released at E3 gives some idea of the mechanics of these larger vehicles there is still much to see when it comes to balancing the game.

While there are still many questions to answered, we place a lot of faith in relics ability to deliver a great game.

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