A lot of focus has been but on the Oculus Rift when it comes to virtual reality technology but the visual aspect is only one element of the VR experience. Also in the midst of development is the Virtuix Omni treadmill. This product designed to take you walking and running movements in real life and convert that to keyboard controls for any game. This cool piece of technology takes virtual reality and adds cool physical fitness activity while running across virtual worlds like Skyrim.

The treadmill uses specially designed slotted shoes which connect to one of many slots on the treadmill. This process then registers the movement to work with any game. This dream came alive after an extremely successful kickstarter campaign that launched it into full development. Although the community saw this as an awesome product the investors of the show Shark Tank did not see the project worth investing in.

Regardless, the Omni Treadmill is a fantastic looking piece of hardware and one that should be closely monitored. It is expected to be release Q4 of 2015


Benjamin Brownlow

Benjamin was the co-founder of Firestorm Gaming Servers which sold in 2009. Since then Benjamin has worked in various marketing and business development positions as well as various consulting positions. An avid gamer, he likes to spend some of his free time in a wide variety of games from RTS to FPS. With the help of a friend Benjamin envisioned the core of what will become the Sovereign Gaming League software. He enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Hayley who on occasion will play Star Trek Online with him.

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